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Important divisional matchup to stay in the race for NFC West Crown

Seattle Seahawks and St. Louis Rams have been building on an exponentially expanding rivalry. The Rams and Seahawks have developed quite a rivalry that has only grown in intensity for the past 10 years. The sour taste of pure disappointment still lingers from the Bobby Engram drop in the end zone that ended such a promising season in 2004. From the days where the Seahawks possessed the most potent West Coast offense ever seen and when the Rams were known as the "Best Show on Turf", these two teams have battled for both standings and respect.  

Russell Wilson will gain significant ground in the race for NFL Rookie of the Year

Russell Wilson will be the deciding factor in how this game turns out. He has been constantly improving and finding ways to win games for the Hawks. An important aspect of a dominant team is the idea that everyone accepts and does their part. Wilson will effectively use a tool against the Rams that has so far been dormant statistically. I expect him to make the right throws and have his first 100 yard rushing game of his 2012 rookie campaign.

The NFC West is still up for grabs and a win against a divisional rival could decide who goes to the playoffs. The physical play and after the ball whistles will show that this is the case. The Seahawks are not at home, which takes away a huge advantage for them, but they will use their overwhelming defense to shutout Sam Bradford and the Rams.

Questions to be answered against the Rams...

Which Seahawks receiver will establish himself as the true number one?

The Seahawks are known for scoring on interceptions. How many points will they get from their defense?

Who will have the more productive day, Marshawn Lynch or Steven Jackson?