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Original NFL Referees return with 8-year agreement

More Ed Hochuli first down signals on the way. Photo By: Rich Kane/Icon SMI.

NFL Sundays are what devoted and hardcore football fans wait for year round-round. The athletes that compete at this professional level require very high mental and physical toughness, as well as strong discipline and dedication. When the NFL decided not to give the referees their pension, job security and some darn respect, the spectacular sport that I once knew was in turmoil.

The dedication, toughness and will-to-win that is watched by millions of devoted fans across the world was being put into an orchestra conducted by amateur referees. The integrity of the NFL was compromised and the players, coaches and fans continued to strife and roar to bring back our original refs. The pot has finally boiled over.

The referees are back in action tomorrow for Thursday Night Football, Cleveland vs. Baltimore. The agreement is for an 8-year deal, ending a lockout that has lasted three weeks into the regular season. This is such tremendous news for the entire NFL community and I am thrilled for tomorrow. Ed Hochuli seemed pretty thrilled as he started doing pushups as soon as rumors broke out according to Jeff Darlington of He has been running training sessions with the original refs during the lockout.