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Roger Goodell sits on his throne and watches as replacement referees butcher the greatest sport in the universe

Chris Clemons records (4) sacks against the Packers in a Seahawks victory. Photo by: Joshua Weisberg/Icon SMI.

Goodell took a gamble, and the entire sport of football lost. He thought that he could replace Ed Hochuli and the rest of the familiar faces that we were so accustomed to. If an agreement isn't reached due to this game, then there will be an even larger media fire storm than there is right now. Twitter has taken over as the social media and news powerhouse from original sources. It is throwing tweets out like a turbine from hell at this point in time. Goodell, please bring back the refs, even if it means throwing in the towel from your corner.

Answers to last week's questions...

How will Russell Wilson react to Clay Matthews and BJ Raji in his face? Then again, how many times will Matthews and Raji beat the Seahawks O-Line during a passing confrontation?

Wilson played with good confidence, especially when Matthews came off of the edge or had outside contain duties. BJ Raji was more of a run stopper this game. Matthews beat whoever was in front of him almost every time.

When Marshawn Lynch goes Beast Mode on MNF, how will Green Bay react?

Marshawn Lynch can break tackles like no other running back in Seahawks history. He went Beast Mode on MNF and rewarded his team, fans and coaches with 100 yards on the ground. A solid performance by Skittles.

Will the Seahawks and the 12th Man take advantage of the opportunity of great exposure?

The stadium was loud and rowdy. They absolutely did take advantage of nation-wide exposure and it wasn't their fault that the replacement refs called the game like a bunch of amateurs... Oh wait a second, they are amateurs.

I really want the Seahawks front seven to do very well against GB, especially Clemons and rookie Bruce Irvin. How many sacks will front seven of the Seahawks have?

This is the question that I have to answer in length. The front seven of the Seahawks were remarkable and flawless in their performance against GB. Chris Clemons had 4 sacks in the first half, Brandon Mebane had 2 sacks and Bruce Irvin had 2 sacks of his own. It is a sad shame that such a marvelous Seahawks defensive show is overshadowed by horrid play calling. The calls that the replacement refs made, especially at the end of the game, are the stories that will flood and diminish this Seahawks victory. My favorite team won, but I feel as though my favorite sport lost.