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Seahawks and 12th Man welcome reigning NFL mvp Aaron Rodgers and company to CenturyLink Field

This is a sample of how menacing the 12th Man was against Dallas. Photo by: Zuma Press/Icon SMI.

Green Bay Packers are the underdog in this contest

Many NFL experts and analysts are expecting the Packers to win on Monday Night Football against the Seahawks. The Seahawks have the opportunity to show the nation that they are the best team in the league at home. My reasons are stated in bullets below as to why the Packers will be underdogs on Monday...

  • The 12th Man transforms the Stadium into a jet engine, which will hinder Aaron Rodgers at the line when he makes his reads to audible.
  • Their defenses are nearly identical, 5th (Packers) and 6th (Seahawks) statistically.
  • Rodgers is the center of that offense, but he has to face the most physical defensive backs in the league. The DBs of Seattle are ruthless ballhawks and his miscues will cost Green Bay dearly.
  • The Packers only allow 133 passing yds./game, but140 rushing yds./game. The Seahawks average 149 rushing yds./game and with that stat, will dominate time of possession and 1st downs. This will neutralize Green Bay star Clay Matthews, as he is the best off the edge and a sack monster.

So there are my reasons. I could be biased. But, at home, the Seahawks looked nearly flawless against the Cowboys this season. This game is tailored for the Packers to lose.

Questions to be answered against the Packers...

  1. How will Russell Wilson react to Clay Matthews and BJ Raji in his face? Then again, how many times will Matthews and Raji beat the Seahawks O-Line during a passing confrontation?
  2. When Marshawn Lynch goes Beast Mode on MNF, how will Green Bay react?
  3. Will the Seahawks and the 12th Man take advantage of the opportunity of great exposure?
  4. I really want the Seahawks front seven to do very well against GB, especially Clemons and rookie Bruce Irvin. How many sacks will the front seven of the Seahawks have?