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Seahawks Week 2 Post-Game Analysis: Seahawks Soar to Victory over the Cowboys

Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch (24) scores during the second half. The Seattle Seahawks beat the Dallas Cowboys, 27-7, at The Clink. Photo by: Zuma Press/Icon SMI.

Defense and Special Teams top Romo and company

Tony Romo and leading running back Demarco Murray had decent statistical efforts but it just was not enough against a suffocating and incredibly fast Seahawks defense. Brandon Browner, who picked off Tono Romo at 6:34 in the 1st Quarter, and the rest of the standout defense held the Cowboys to under 50 yds. in the rushing game and swift big Dez Bryant to two catches. The inside seven looked so impressive, especially veterans Red Bryant and Chris Clemons, who both consistently sealed the edges and sometimes watched over the Cover 2 flats. Rookie Bruce Irvin and big free agent acquisition from the Titans Jason Jones shared the only sack on Romo, although there was good pressure on him all afternoon. Kam Chancellor led the team with 7 solo tackles and the rest of the DBs were putting stiff presses and physical coverage on the Cowboys receivers.

The game was mentally over for the Cowboys early in the first quarter when Michael Robinson forced a fumble on Felix Jones and Earl Thomas recovered for Seahawks possession. This later turned into a field scoring drive. Then, a simple three-and-out punt by Chris Jones, turned into a block by Malcolm Smith and a recovery for a touchdown by Jeron Johnson. This entire Cowboys catastrophe came about as their first two possessions in the first quarter.

Russell Wilson looks like he should have been drafted in the first round

That's correct, teams downplayed him due to his height. But, height never stopped Drew Brees (6 ft.) from breaking the all-time total passing yards in a season, once held by Dan Marino (6 ft. 4 in.). This rookie is exactly like he was projected out of college and showing a veteran and completely positive attitude. Against Dallas, Wilson was accurate (15-20 151 yds. 1 TD), agile (4 rushes 28 yds.) and controlled the offense ever so brilliantly. That beautiful TD pass down the middle to TE Anthony Mccoy had a perfect spiral and was right on the money. I'll continue to say this every week, the scary part is, he's only getting better.

Beast-mode tramples Rob Ryan's defense

Marshawn Lynch never lets up and against the Cowboys defense, he absolutely ran wild. Defensive coordinator Ryan didn't have an answer for Lynch as he rushed for 122 yds. on 26 att. with 1 TD. This included a 36 yarder that gashed what was left of the Cowboys.

The 12th Man

CenturyLink field contains the loudest and most supportive fans on game day in the entire NFL. The Seahawks made the most expensive and stacked team look like a bunch of "Jabronis". The 12th man has put the rest of the league on notice, when you come into our beloved city of Seattle and attempt to beat our Seahawks, our city will welcome you with infinite loops of either thunder or lightning, you choose.

Answers to questions asked in Week 2 Preview Blog...

How will Russell Wilson do with the entire fleet of the12th man in his corner?

Excellent. An accurate Wilson engineered a near flawless performance and most importantly the big goose egg in the turnover column.

How well will the cornerbacks of the Seahawks do against Dez Bryant and Miles Austin?

Other than Miles Austin's 1st Quarter touchdown catch, the Seahawks DBs had All Pro afternoons.

Can the Seahawks offense be consistent (red zone, 3rd down efficiency, etc.)?

Red Zone, 1-3 ~33%. 3rd down efficiency, 5-14 ~36. Time of Possession, ~35 mins.

At home, which Seahawk will noticeably step up their game?