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A hardnosed young Seahawks team fought back valiantly, but succumbed to the prime seasoned Falcons team

Russell Wilson and Pete Carroll will come back next season hungrier and stronger than ever. Such a great and bright future for a young Seahawks team.

Russell Wilson and Pete Carroll will come back next season hungrier and stronger than ever. Such a great and bright future for a young Seahawks team.

Shutout in the first half of their playoff bout against the Atlanta Falcons, a strong-willed Russell Wilson-led Seattle Seahawks team came storming back, scoring a total of 28 off of turnovers and inconsistent play of the opposing offense. Put in the lead by a Marshawn Lynch (2) yard run and an extra point by newly acquired Ryan Longwell, Wilson has stepped in the history books with the most passing yards in Seahawks postseason (379).

Matt Bryant had the opportunity to win the game from (49) yards away. And he completely capitalized on it. Making it right down the middle, with a failed ice by Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll. The Seahawks fought valiantly, this time is just meant for the Atlanta Falcons right now. This is their prime and will never be better, while the Seahawks are young and primed to come back next season.

This game was literally handed to the Falcons, with rare bad defense shown by the lethargic timezone ridiculed Seahawks team. The Seahawks had an opportunity with a failed squib kick by the Falcons. With (3) seconds left, after one completion to Golden Tate. After that, an intercepted Hail Mary pass ended the playoff run by a hungry and hot Seahawks team.

Russell Wilson clearly outplayed Matt Ryan, it was the surprise resurgence of bulldozing Falcons running back Michael Turner (98) rushing yards that gave them the edge as an offense. Zach Miller (142) yards and (1) TD on (3) catches had the game of his career and Lynch (46) yards added (1) rushing TD to the Seahawks stunning comeback that fell short.

A teary eyed Tony Gonzalez removed the continuous feeling of getting bludgeoned in the stomach that I get when the Seahawks lose, as he finally won his first playoff game. A Hall of Famer, proven receiving threat and the greatest NFL TE of all time, deserving doesn't give this special moment its justice. Congratulations to the Atlanta Falcons and Gonzalez!

Seahawks future outlook...

The Seahawks look incredibly promising and have gained a diamond with Russell WIlson at the QB helm. A very young team and hungry ball-hawking defensive unit that will come into next season as the projected top squad in the NFL.

The offensive needs that the Seahawks have are...

Change of pace running back. Lynch and Turbin are too similar in running styles, so this upcoming draft should be a platform where the Seahawks GM of the Year can grab gems. A possible trade with Matt Flynn? For a Chris Johnson type RB?

The defensive needs that the Seahawks have are...

The defense is the best in the league and the youngest at what they are accomplishing at such a high level. Leroy Hill has been a solid player, but has had less and less of an impact as a run-stopper as he gets to his twilight age. For the draft, the Seahawks should also look to get a big 6'3" 275 lbs run stopping outside linebacker. The speed is already there with Wagner and Wright bolstering the Seahawks front seven. They need that strong side OLB willing to blow up offensive linemen and shoot gaps to take on double teams. Leroy Hill is just not the right fit right now.

This was a great season to be a Seahawks fan. A great season of memories and more to come. This team is so very exciting and the 12th Man should be proud how their team fought and the very bright future to come. Draft blogs and Seahawks off season needs is how this blog might go. Starting my own website would be the more ideal, if I am not carried on as a SportsBlog beat writer for the Seahawks anymore. Anyways, Seahawks, thank you for your heart and fighting spirit!