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Seattle Seahawks welcomed the San Fransisco 49ers with thunder and lightning

Russell Wilson should get the recognition that he deserves after decisive victory

Russell Wilson should get the recognition that he deserves after decisive victory

The 49ers wanted to start with a blast out of the cannon arm of Kaepernick, but the Seahawks force three and out and unleashes the BEAST

Marshawn Lynch exploded in the first quarter of the Seahawks vs. 49ers SNF NFC West rivalry game. With such a bruising run, Beast Mode set the tone and took full advantage of an energetic and thunderous 12th Man advantage. Carroll immediately called Lynch's number and a dive to 49ers consistent Pro Bowler Justin Smith's replacement rewarded the Seahawks with the first score of the game.

From the start of the game, the defensive tone was set stiffly by the Seahawks. Forcing two three and outs and running Kaepernick out of the pocket with consistent pressure from all angles, contested and distressed mostly by Chris Clemons. 

Marshawn Lynch is giving it to the 49ers in handful servings. A rushing touchdown followed by catching a Wilson rocket gave the Seahawks a (14-0) first quarter lead. Red Bryant blocks a field goal chip shot from David Akers and Richard "Optimus Prime" Sherman takes it back (90) some yards for the defensive TD.

Seahawks have turned into the most feared team by obliterating the San Fransisco 49ers

The Pacific Northwest is known for being a place where toughness is seen as a rarity. The Seahawks just shoved their helmets into the chests, Kam Chancellor did it literally to Vernon Davis, and ran through them like a titanium Skyline. Add in their new found read-option pistol formation and I can't see any team that would want to meet this team head on, especially at CenturyLink Field where the 12th Man roams.

Russell Wilson should get a serious look at Rookie of the Year, as well as NFL MVP

The overcast of Luck and Griffin has been shed by a complete domination by Wilson of the best defense in the league statistically. Envisioning a time where the Seahawks had this type of versatility at the QB position might be of supreme difficulty, being that there was never a player at his position with his capabilities and ceiling. This kid can do it all and today he looked like Drew Brees with a (4.4) sec (40) yard dash.

There is nothing that the Seahawks can't do. They've got a potent pass attack filled with multiple complexities, a plethora of options in the backfield with power unmatched in the league, a receiving core that has come along strong at the end of the season, ballhawks and sure-tacklers at all DB positions, a vicious linebacking committee led by headstrong rookie Bobby Wagner and a defensive line that can do it all, Red Bryant proved that on his (4)th blocked field goal these past two seasons.

A statement win racked up against the 49ers, alongside the New England Patriots, Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers, has sealed Russell Wilson as the face of the Seattle Seahawks franchise and boy am I glad, as a tremendous Seahawks fan, to watch him begin his legacy here in Seattle and end as a Seahawks legend.