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There is no cow level for the Seattle Seahawks anylonger

"DangeRuss" was on fire in Toronto and lit up the Buffalo Bills into steaks and s'mores

For those of you newbs that don't know what "There is no cow level" is, it means complete and utter victory. Right now, the Seahawks are the most lethal team in the NFC. There comes a certain point in the league where the playoff contenders are left behind and tags of Super Bowl contenders are put on the Seattle Seahawks. Not only did they play on enemy turf, with their daunting wolf grey uniforms, but they completely obliterated and embarrassed a Buffalo Bills defense that had resurgence the last few weeks. 

Russell Wilson is "DangeRuss"

Russell Wilson exploded on the Bills for (3) rushing TDs and with Marshawn Lynch produced a combined (200) yards. What is more incredible is not only did Wilson have a per carry average of over (10) yards, but so did Lynch (11.3). Add (205) yards and (1) TD pass, Wilson is making an even stronger case for Rookie of the Year and/or even NFL MVP.

Questions to be answered against the Buffalo Bills...

  • Where were Golden Tate and Sidney Rice against the Arizona Cardinals last week? Will they take advantage of a weak Bills secondary this week?
    • Sidney Rice had (4) catches for (76) yards and Tate had (3) for (64). Not a standout day, but reasonably well as the Seahawks were never playing catchup against the Bills.
  • The option-read offense that Russell Wilson, Colin Kaepernick and RG3 are running is, so far, very successful. How will Wilson perform against a lagging defense?
    • Wilson's numbers don't lie. This read-option, as long as he doesn't take many big hits, can be a staple with these hybrid-like quarterbacks entering into the league looking like seasoned veterans. He tore stuff up. Actually, Kaepernick tore stuff up too in Foxborough.
  • Who wants the NFC West Crown more, the Seahawks or 49ers? 
    • Both of them. They both went into hostile environments and took care of business as usual. A football team reflects its coach, Pete Carroll and John Harbaugh are headed for a crash collision at ThaClink. This game was moved to Sunday Football for a reason, these two teams are on a mission, win the NFC West while laying a plethora of hit sticks/pancakes on each other.