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Watch out now: Seahawks are on a tear through the East Coast

Can Wilson lead the Seahawks to an NFC West Championship?

Can Wilson lead the Seahawks to an NFC West Championship?

The Buffalo Bills host Seattle Seahawks in a possible high scoring game

Looking at these two teams on the offensive side of the ball, they are nearly identical, both averaging (341) yards of offense per game. The huge difference is the defensive discrepancies, as the Seahawks are top (3) in the league in most defensive categories and the Bills are near dead last in the NFL for yards allowed. The Seahawks proved plenty against the Chicago Bears two weeks ago on the road, but they still need that blowout on the road that turns their confidence into a spirit bomb.

Questions to be answered against the Buffalo Bills...

Where were Golden Tate and Sidney Rice against the Arizona Cardinals last week? Will they take advantage of a weak Bills secondary this week?

The option-read offense that Russell Wilson, Colin Kaepernick and RG3 are running is, so far, very successful. How will Wilson perform against a lagging defense?

Who wants the NFC West Crown more, the Seahawks or 49ers?