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Seattle Seahawks lay the smack down on the Arizona Cardinals

Seattle Seahawks Tight End Anthony Mccoy became the first Seahawk to hit (100) yards receiving this year,

Seattle Seahawks Tight End Anthony Mccoy became the first Seahawk to hit (100) yards receiving this year, "This is my house!" - Mccoy
The NFC Wildcard race was in the face of every Seahawk, desire and determination

The Cardinals stepped onto CenturyLink Field and looked right into the eyes of the Seahawks and the jaws of the 12th Man. A face of a pissed off fighter that wanted its revenge for the loss handed to them by the very opponent staring right back at them. Except the Cardinal's stare was that of a broken fort that knew that they were about to be overwhelmed by a throng flock of Seahawks.

With that said, the Seahawks obliterated the Arizona Cardinals (58-0), laying its strong vice grip claws on an NFC Wildcard spot. At (8-5), Seattle has already beaten Chicago so a tie breaker with them makes no difference.

Marshawn Lynch and Robert Turbin ran nasty and vicious against a battered Arizona team

Lynch ran for (128) on (11) carries with (3) TDs and the stout rookie Turbin gained (108) yards on (20) carries. Now, with Lynch closing in on and making records, I wouldn't be surprised if I see his name nominated for NFL regular season MVP. Lynch has increased his numbers to (1266) yards rushing with (9) total TDs. Thank you Beast Mode/Skittles, you have made me into a faithful believer in the Seattle Seahawks run game and erased the distant memories of Shaun Alexander.

As a beat writer, I should be imagining how much better the Cardinals would have been drafting Russell Wilson, instead of whoever. Credit to Pete Carroll for finding not just a gem, but a (100) pound diamond that is going to keep its shine and mysteriously increase in size for the next (15-20) years in the NFL. And that's that...

Answers to Questions to last weeks blog, Seahawks are a team to be reckoned with ...

  • The Seahawks will crush the Cardinals in week (14). At home, they are invincible and just marched into Soldier Field and beat the Bears in heart-pounding fashion. How many sacks will the Seahawks have?
    • (3) sacks, (4) picks, (2) forced fumbles, (8) total turnovers
  • The Cardinal's QB woes are pitiful and just plain ugly right now. With Brandon Browner beginning his suspension immediately, I would assume that savvy veteran Marcus Trufant will get the start alongside the appealing Richard Sherman. Practically growing up with Marcus Trufant and watching him reach Pro Bowl caliber coverage, he is the most underrated man-to-man cover corner in the NFL. Since his speed has diminished some, he has merged into a zone cover corner that watches crossing routes in Nickel Cover 2 packages. He will now move into the No. 2 corner spot, at home and against a very weak quarterbacking staff with the Arizona Cardinals. How will he perform against them?
    • I believe Trufant was injured and Walter Thurmond stepped up and played beautifully. It was quite obvious who the Cardinals were going to target, wherever Earl Thomas and Richard Sherman aren't on the field. Bobby Wagner's (2) interceptions should be partially credited to Thurmond and company for blanketing Larry Fitzgerald and rookie Michael Floyd. Good job Seattle D!!!
  • CenturyLink Field will be booming. I'm sure there is one fan or expert sound techy out there that is holding up a decibel magnitude measurement device. How loud will the 12th Man be after the Seattle Seahawks insane road win against the Chicago Bears?
    • The bass sounded like a fireball (not that I know what that sounds like, you know what I'm saying) of rage with thunderbolts and lightning not far behind it. The Cardinals had about (150) yards of total offense, Wilson threw (7) completions for (148) yards. Wow, Ken Whisenhunt, if you weren't already on the hot seat, I bet you will be getting a couple hundred degrees warmers, making it uncomfortable even in the desert.