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Seahawks Week 2 Preview: Beware of the 12th Man

The Seattle Seahawks and the 12th Man will be sure to deliver a roaring welcome to the Dallas Cowboys.

Here comes the boom

After a long wait, homecoming day has arrived for the Seattle Seahawks as they host the Dallas Cowboys in week 2. According to the official team website, since 2005, CenturyLink field has induced the most false start penalties (111) and produces a decibel magnitude of 112 dB. For comparison, I included this chart...

Apparatus  Noise Level (dB) 
 Hair Dryer  80
 City Traffic  90
 Firecrackers  100
 Rock Concert  110
 Jet Takeoff  120

In conclusion, the Cowboys will be subjected to noise levels in between a rock concert and jet taking off. I forgot to mention the extra train noises that both teams will be subjected to.

Players looking to make first appearances of the season

The Seahawks defense and offense will get boosts from players making their debut this season. This includes Byron Maxwell (CB), Greg Scruggs (DE), John Moffitt (OG) and Golden Tate (WR). Moffitt, the Seahawks original starter during the preseason at right guard, is the biggest impact player as he will look to protect rookie quarterback Russell Wilson, especially with Okung questionable with a knee injury. Tate will definitely add an electrifying dimension to the Hawks, both on offense and special teams.

Questions to be answered against Cowboys...

How will Russell Wilson do with the entire fleet of the12th man in his corner?

How well will the cornerbacks of the Seahawks do against Dez Bryant and Miles Austin?

Can the Seahawks offense be consistent (red zone, 3rd down efficiency, etc.)?

At home, which Seahawk will noticeably step up their game?