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Fantasy Football... The Season Should be Over by Week 14 in the Fantasy World

Every Fantasy Football player knows that teams let up when they have already locked in their seed or reign over a division/wild card spot. This gives those NFL teams leeway to start second stringers and, in reality, underplay in order to knock off a rival that is still competitive in getting into that last playoff spot in order not to see them in postseason competition.

This is why I believe that the post-season for FF should end by week 12-14.

"But, this is the game we have chosen and the gamble we take when we play with Fantasy and try to associate it with REALITY." - You read it here first, copyright and @SportsPlusPlus

Why does the player that drafted incredibly smart and stuck with those players, then have to bench their prolific starters due to the reality of situational football in direct relation to NFL playoffs. This is another reason why there is no cog to connect fantasy and reality and why FF playoffs should end week 12-14.