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Seahawks are a team to be reckoned with

Lance Briggs:

Lance Briggs: "Hey you can't do that against me, I'm a future HOFer!!!" Marshawn Lynch: "So am I buddy."

The Seahawks have shut down the critics and raise into the top 10 teams in the league for various expert opinion rankings. There is now level and no plateau that Seahawks cannot climb to. A victory against NFC Championship favorites on the road have given the Seahawks an overall dimensional shift. This dimensional shift will be the reason why this Seahawks team is and will continue to be special. This is a marvelous team today and an exciting one for the 12th Man's eagerness to get back into a championship caliber team.

Marshawn Lynch will outrun Shaun Alexander for the Seattle Seahawks All-time Leading Rushers List

The way Lynch runs is never a far cry from a man on a mission to truck and pancake the opposing defense. A bulldozer that hybrids the embodiments of Eddie George, Jerome Bettis and Walter Payton. I have faith that by the end of his illustrious career, he will eclipse Shaun Alexendar as the best Seahawks running back of all time, including surpassing Alexandar's reign of All-time Seahawks leading rusher.

In nearly two and a half years, Lynch has compiled (2,915) yards with a (4.3) yards/carry average. Already this season, Lynch has gone over the (1100) yard mark so far through week 13 and, for that week 13 road game, ran wild for a (4.6) yard/carry average against probably one of the greatest defensive linebacking tandem this game has ever seen in Lance Briggs and Brian Urlacher. With Julius Peppers and the reemergence of Charles Tillman, one of the greatest defenses of all time is the conversation.

Questions to be answered against Arizona...

  • The Seahawks will crush the Cardinals in week 14. At home, they are invincible and just marched into Soldier Field and beat the Bears in heart-pounding fashion. How many sacks will the Seahawks have?
  • The Cardinal's QB woes are pitiful and just plain ugly right now. With Brandon Browner beginning his suspension immediately, I would assume that savvy veteran Marcus Trufant will get the start alongside the appealing Richard Sherman. Practically growing up with Marcus Trufant and watching him reach Pro Bowl caliber coverage, he is the most underrated man-to-man cover corner in the NFL. Since his speed has diminished some, he has merged into a zone cover corner that watches crossing routes in Nickel Cover 2 packages. He will now move into the No. 2 corner spot, at home and against a very weak quarterbacking staff with the Arizona Cardinals. How will he perform against them?
  • CenturyLink Field will be booming. I'm sure there is one fan or expert sound techy out there that is holding up a decibel magnitude measurement device. How loud will the 12th Man be after the Seattle Seahawks insane road win against the Chicago Bears?