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Seahawks are not the Seahawks of Seattle on the road and a referee, trained by the great Morpheus himself

The Seahawks brought the Seattle weather with them to Miami, but forgot their defense

The Seahawks brought the Seattle weather with them to Miami, but forgot their defense

The Seattle Seahawks defense was more than abysmal against a Miami Dolphins team that was fueled by a consistent running dynamo of Daniel Thomas, Charles Clay and Reggie Bush. The three combined for nearly (230) yards from scrimmage and (3) touchdowns. Dolphins FB Clay had (6) receptions out of the backfield including a touchdown catch where he ran around the entire Seahawks defense and sniffed out the hole in the Cover 2 defense.

The turning point in the game was when Earl Thomas could not defy gravity, Newton's laws and basic general physics by stopping himself in mid-air to not tap Ryan Tannehill in the chest. Thomas was called for roughing the passer and the Bobby Wagner interception was negated by a referee that expected a Neyo-like Matrix maneuver that would have prevented Earl Thomas from tapping Ryan Tannehill on the chest. Of course, the Miami Dolphins capitalized by scoring a TD on the call by the referee, who, by the way, was trained by Morpheus himself.

A game where the Seahawks beat themselves

Russell Wilson played like a consistent veteran against a Miami Dolphins defense that wasn't breaking for Marshawn Lynch and Beast Mode. In the second quarter, Anthony Mccoy ran a cross route for a TD throw from Wilson. The drive was highlighted with an acrobatic catch by Golden Tate down the sideline.Wilson took that shot down field on first down with confidence in his talented wideout and put the Seahawks inside the (10) yard line.

Starting the second half, Russell Wilson showed his speed with a near (20) yard run to put the Seahawks inside the (10) yard line. Being short as a QB has its upsides and that little duck underneath a 6'7" Miami DE showed one of them. Russell Wilson ends the drive with an out of the backfield TD pass to Seattle veteran FB Michael Robinson. An outstanding drive capped off by Wilson's (17)th TD pass of the season.

During the (3)rd quarter the Seahawks offense held the ball for a majority of the period. The Seahawks defense needed a hold and a big play was expected. Jason Jones on a third and eight, bull drove into Ryan Tannehill's passing lane and disrupts the pass, ending a Dolphins offensive drive.

In the fourth quarter Tannehill misses Davone Bess and neglects a TD for his wideout from him readjusting. Then he gets lucky and a Bobby Wagner interception gets turned around due to a weak call of roughing the passer (helmet-to-helmet) on Earl Thomas. That, of course, handed the touchdown run for Reggie Bush or Daniel Thomas. Let them have it.

Want to put away a game? Kick the ball off to Leon Washington. In a tied ball game in the (4)th quarter, Washington took the ball end zone to end zone with a shot-out-of-cannon explosive kick return for a TD. He earns that "C" for captain on his chest with the work that he puts in everyday in practice and special teams film watching. Today, he displays all the hard work exactly when the Seahawks needed a big play. Talk about clutch!

What would have been a long field goal for Steven Hauschka of the Seahawks, turned into a punt from Jon Ryan. A negative yardage three and out, gave Tannehill the opportunity to make something happen for a really bad Dolphins team. Dolphins squeak by the Seahawks (24-21).

Brandon Browner and Richard Sherman are facing 4-game suspension following positive tests for Adderall

The substance generically is known as a combination of dextroamphetamine and amphetamine. For sports enhancement, it is probably used for focus and energy. If they were prescribed this medication for ADHD then, I have faith that their appeal will hold and overturn this judgement. For now, Seahawks fans can expect Marcus Trufant and Walter Thurmond III to be bumped up to the number (1) and (2) spots. If the 12th Man knows their team well, these two veterans are no slouches.

Questions to be answered against Dolphins on Sunday...

  • Which rookie will hold headstrong throughout the contest?
    • Wilson and Tannehill played brilliantly and were on target for most of the game. The defensive line of the Seahawks severely underplayed caused by... who knows?
  • Coming off a bye week, how will the Seahawks respond?
    • They will lose a hard fought battle against themselves. If they play to their ability in this game, there is no NFL team more talented and dangerous.
  • Pete Carroll is putting in a new attack on offense that involves Russell Wilson running more fast-paced option-based plays. Will his new method be effective?
    • Russell Wilson used Carroll's option-based offense with great success rushing or scrambling for (38) yards in the process. He turned the ball over (0) times and was accurate while extending plays with his feet.