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Seahawks obliterate the New York Jets at CenturyLink Field

Golden Tate dances into the end zone against New York Jets, he threw for (1) TD too!

Golden Tate dances into the end zone against New York Jets, he threw for (1) TD too!

Don't let the scoreboard deceive you, it is a blessing in disguise

The (28-7) scoreboard should've been more around the (42-0) area. Wilkerson sure did talk big in the end zone when he scored the lone touchdown for the Jets. And with that touchdown, the 12th Man shrugged their shoulders and said "have it". The Seahawks laid the wood down hard on the Jets, H-A-W-K-S, Hawks, Hawks Hawks!

A QB star in the making vs. a QB exponentially going downhill

Russell Wilson is unstoppable at home. He has thrown for (11) TDs and (0) interceptions and has an average QB rating of over (115) [(90.5) overall QB rating for whole season)]. Wilson is continually improving and flourishing in a Pete Carroll influenced offense. On the other side of the ball is Mark Sanchez. A former pupil under Carroll at USC, who proved his former coach "wrong" by "leading" his team to two AFC Championship Games. Sanchez was considerably composed for most of the game and, in all honesty, put up his gloves and took it like a champ. Below (.500) passing is just not going to cut it anymore. So many injuries to key and skilled positions and dropped passes from multiple Jets WRs didn't help the situation against the Seahawks at home. I can only speculate, as I am just a spectator, that the Jets either need to move on to a rebuilding phase or fill those key and skilled positions with players that can produce now. This is the case that they have and Mark Sanchez will continued to be bludgeoned until these issues are resolved.

Answers to Questions to last weeks blog, Seattle Seahawks Host New York Jets... Prepare for a beatdown Mr. Sanchez...

  • Just how much harassment will Mark Sanchez receive on Sunday?
    • Numbers don't lie... Seahawks: (3) sacks, (1) interception, (1) forced fumble. Sanchez: (9/22) passing, (124) yards. Golden Tate threw more touchdowns than Sanchez.
  • Marshawn Lynch is establishing a Pro Bowl caliber season. Against a pretty good run-stop defense in the Jets, can Lynch give Wilson opportunities by keeping the DBs true?
    • Lynch shoved and ran the ball down the Jet's throat. Again, numbers don't lie... Marshawn Lynch: (27) rushes, (124) yards, (1) TD. Russell Wilson (12/19) passing, (188) yards, (2) TDs, (34) yards rushing.
  • This game is going to be a big whoopin'. Now with a great chance, will we see Tim Tebow get his opportunity to play some actual QB?
    • He got his chances, but he seemed to come in at such sporadic times in the game. I feel just terrible for Sanchez and how the Jets use Tebow so pathetically. Sanchez gets his rhythm screwed up and Tebow gets to block on punts, what in the world is going on in the New York Jets organization.