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Seattle Seahawks Host New York Jets... Prepare for a beatdown Mr. Sanchez

New York Jets QB will be living a nightmare against wicked front seven

The Hawks are tied for third in the league with (25) sacks and Sanchez has been nothing but inconsistent and indecisive this season. When the Jets QB is at his best, he's decent, and when he is at his worst, he is horrendous. I mean his game history this season looks literally like a roller coaster ride if plotted on an (xy) axis. The Jets have allowed (8) sacks for the past two games and now he gets the rowdy Seahawks front seven at home where they are nearly invincible. It just doesn't get any worse. Bruce Irvin, Chris Clemons, Red Bryant, Brandon Mebane, Bobby Wagner, etc. will be coming at Sanchez and the Jets O-line with blitz packages that move with the speed of light. I don't see this team, with the way things have gone so far in the season, coming into Seattle and getting more than (10) points with Mark Sanchez at the helm. Not going to happen.

Get ready to see a whole bunch of this against Mark Sanchez from Bruce Irin, Clemons and Mebane.

Get ready to see a whole bunch of this against Mark Sanchez from Bruce Irvin, Clemons and Mebane.

Russell Wilson is the second best rookie QB in the league thus far

The only rookie QB that stands above him is Andrew Luck. Tannehill and Griffin, by the end of the season, will not have the statistics nor the effectiveness of Russell Wilson. Wilson will put up numbers this week that might give him a run for the NFL MVP. The 12th Man knows it due to the fact that they have watched every game thus far and know that Wilson is going to make history. Consistency is key and the Seahawks QB diamond is growing faster than any other rookie QB in the league.

Questions to be answered against New York Jets...

  • Just how much harassment will Mark Sanchez receive on Sunday?
  • Marshawn Lynch is establishing a Pro Bowl caliber season. Against a pretty good run-stop defense in the Jets, can Lynch give Wilson opportunities by keeping the DBs true?
  • This game is going to be a big whoopin'. Now with a great chance, will we see Tim Tebow get his opportunity to play some actual QB?