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Adrian Peterson accomplished a massive game in Viking's losing effort

Adrian Peterson and Marshawn Lynch run wild

Minnesota Vikings superstar running back Peterson set the tone in the first quarter with a (74 yard) dash. Peterson consistently gashed the Seahawks defense gaining a total of (187 yards) with (2 TDs) and a whopping (10.7 yards/carry avg.). Marshawn Lynch came to play and ran with his usual toughness, producing (124 yards) and (1 TD) during the much needed Seahawks victory. As expected, this was a game for the running backs and adding Tampa Bay Buccaneer RB Doug Martin's (251 yards) and (4 TDs), a historical day for running backs. Man would I be angry to be the person playing Martin this week in Fantasy Football.

Russell Wilson can be a slight contender for NFL MVP

Russell Wilson can be an elite QB by the end of the season and possibly make history.

Russell Wilson can be an elite QB by the end of the season and possibly make history.

If Seattle Seahawks QB Wilson can carry his team into the playoffs while continuing his run of marvelous performances, he should be considered as a top candidate for NFL MVP as well as NFL Rookie of the Year. Wilson threw (3 TDs) and added (173 yards) to the balanced looking Seahawks offense. The play action and pump fakes that Wilson provided the Hawks with, kept Jared Allen and Chad Greenway tackling and grabbing at air. The Minnesota Vikings sacked Wilson once and though penalties stilled haunted the offensive line, specifically Okung and Giacomini, they held their ground against a stacked Vikings defensive line.

Answers to Questions from last week's blog, The Seahawks play host to incoming Minnesota vikings cruising ship 

  • Who will be the more effective running back, Marshawn Lynch or Adrian Peterson?
    • Adrian Peterson proved that he is the better running back, but being effective isn't all about numbers. Marshawn Lynch helped balance the Seahawks offense, so that Russell Wilson could get the passing lanes and uncommitted zones he so easily took advantage of. The goal of the RB is to do their job successfully for the greater success of the team and, with a Seahawks victory, Lynch was the more effective back.
  • The holes in the stiff Seattle Seahawks defensive schemes are being caught by analyzing tape from the San Fransisco 49ers game. Will the Seahawks defense continue their dominance at home and put Ponder on his seat?
    • Yes. Christian Ponder had (63 yards) on (11 of 22) passing and was sacked a total of (4) times. At home, the defense puts their opponent's quarterbacks to the test.
  • Jared Allen is one nasty defensive end, referencing last week's slug fest during NFL Thursday Night Football. He has proven time and time again why he is the most vicious pass rusher in the NFL today. Who will get the best of who, Russell Wilson or Jared Allen?
    • Russell Wilson definitely got the best of Jared Allen and shook a multitude of defenders, including the pass fake on Chad Greenway (NASTY). This rookie is molding into something else and enough cannot be said about his preparation and consistent effort to improve every game. I a very enthusiastic about something special brewing up here in the Great Pacific Northwest.