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Detroit takes a down-to-the-wire game at home against the Seahawks

Matthew Stafford puts together game winning drive

A Titus Young last minute TD catch put the Lions up 28-24 in a thriller in Detroit. Young took full advantage when the Seahawks continuously doubled Megatron on the outside by compiling nine catches for two TDs. Stafford more than showed up, effectively shredding the Seahawks secondary without targeting his favorite wideout Johnson for most of the game. The Seahawks defense just could not stop the Lions passing attack and looked as sluggish as ever this season. Everyone has a weakness; Superman had Kryptonite, Wolverine's precious Adamantium flesh rendered him a puppet to Magneto and the Seahawks defense has the road...

Russell Wilson is the answer for the Seahawks QB woes for now and the future

The rookie sensation held his own against constant heavy pressure, throwing 25/35 for 234 yards and 2 TDs. A strong performance by Wilson gives the Seahawks a much needed balance on offense, as well as a much needed fallback, extending plays while under pressure. For example, back in the olden days, the Seahawks possessed a QB named Matt Hasselbeck. Now, superimpose Hasselbeck's running capabilities on Wilson's. This would have been a gosh darn record setting day in sacks for the Detroit Lions.

Russell Wilson played his heart out, utilizing his ability to extend plays, while making huge plays down the field.
Russell Wilson played his heart out, utilizing his ability to extend plays, while making huge plays down the field.

Answers to Questions from last week's blog...

  • How will jet lag affect the Seahawks? In other words, can the Seahawks improve their 1-3 road record?
    • The Seahawks defense looked like they were in a stupor against Matthew Stafford. It was quite obvious that the jet lab was affecting their reads. They are much greater than what they showed and possess a talent that is unmatched, but any defense that allows a QB like Stafford to get into a rhythmic passion clinic, one word is "Toast".
  • Matthew Stafford can throw, but runs like he's wearing ankle weights. Russell Wilson has a 4.5 40 yard dash, but isn't near the passer that Stafford is. Which weakness and/or strength will play the largest role in this game?
    • Russell Wilson's ability to extend plays, I hope, doesn't go unnoticed and watching film this week, Carroll will surely harness the rookie QBs special tool next week. This will effectively increase rollouts and play action. Stafford and Wilson played using their strengths to a maximum.
  • Will beast mode beast Suh?
    • Lynch ate his Skittles this morning, completing his fourth 100 yard rushing game of the season. Bursting onto the scene at Detroit with a 77 yard dash to the end zone, the rowdy Lynch ran with a purpose and an all day everyday thugish rugish mentality.