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Seahawks Week 1 Post-Game Analysis: The Seahawks Send A Chilling Tingle Reminiscent of 2011

Another lost opportunity in the 4th Quarter for the Seahawks against Arizona leaves the 12th Man cringing. Photo by: Jeff Moffett/Icon SMI.

Russell Wilson is a rookie quarterback

The pre-season statistics and hype built up by several media outlets overshadows the fact that this was the first regular season game for a rookie quarterback. Statistically, he was good (18-34 153 yds. 1 TD, 1 INT, 1 FUM-LOSS), especially going against a stifling secondary, led by veteran safety Adrian Wilson, at the rowdy University of Phoenix Stadium. With all odds against him, during the last drive of the game, Wilson didn't stutter or hesitate once. He drove the ball from his own 20-yard line to Arizona's 4. What happened then on, was a derivative of the entire game. Give Wilson CenturyLink Field, and he won't need a last minute game-winning drive. The guy is a star in the making.

Marshawn Lynch goes beast mode

Beast mode had a respectable 21 carries for 85 yds. and brought his usual tenacity to Arizona on Sunday. With Darnell Dockett continuing to prove his All-Pro status and Adrian Wilson, who is essentially an extra linebacker for the Cardinals, filling run holes with perfect execution, Lynch fought fearlessly for every one of those 85 yds. A good statistical day for the All-Pro running back, despite a loss.

Dropped balls by Seahawks receivers

Everyone makes mistakes. But, when a football player enters the NFL, which is composed of the elite of the elite, and is being paid millions of dollars as a professional, the least an NFL receiver can do is catch the ball when it is targeted directly into your hands. Doug Baldwin, uncharacteristically had two drops in the game. Braylon Edwards had one drop and it came at such a crucial time. This is the drop, with 21 secs. to go, that would have put the Seahawks on top of the Cardinals, 23-20 (assuming Hauschka makes the XP). Should he have caught the ball? Yes. Is it his fault that the Seahawks lost? No. The Seahawks loss is due to a culmination of mistakes, timing miscues and just a better football team for that Sunday.


  • Any other Hawks fans get the feeling of déjà vu with another heartbreaking fourth quarter loss
  • Russell Okung injured his knee, what a surprise
  • Anthony Mccoy and Wilson had a pretty solid repertoire in the preseason, Mccoy had zero catches this game
  • Wide receivers and the offensive line were just out matched this game
  • Seahawks lost


  • Russell Wilson played good and showed that veteran-like presence in the winding seconds of the fourth quarter
  • Not bad for a first-year converted defensive tackle right guard, Mr. J.R. Sweezy
  • Braylon Edwards showed flashes of his former self grabbing 5 catches for 43 yds.
  • Sidney Rice is healthy and a 10-yard touchdown in his debut, not bad
  • Larry Fitzgerald was a ghost for most of this game, which speaks highly of the Seahawks DBs
  • Leon Washington = very fast + game-changer + stadium-vacuum + need I say more..

Answers against Cardinals:

How will Russell Wilson do in his first regular season game?

Wilson played good against a tough defense. Overshadowed by Griffin III and Luck, Wilson will shine more in his next outing.

How long will Okung's ankles hold up?

Very good. His knee, not so much. Wish you all the best a speedy recover Okung.

How many times will John Skelton get picked off?

Richard Sherman got the only pick that Skelton threw.

Who wants the NFC West crown more?

Apparently the Arizona Cardinals... The next meeting will be a very different outcome, I can assure all Cardinals fans that.