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San Fransisco 49ers bury the Seahawks with suffocating defense

Great running backs show up and excel in important games

Frank Gore has been the model of strength and patience at the RB position since arrival in the NFL in 2005. The rock, heart and soul of the ever improving 49ers offense this season, Gore torched the Seahawks for 180 yards from scrimmage with an 8.2 yards per rush average. The veteran continues to have a Pro Bowl year after a questionable off-season filled with mentions of a possible time-share with Kendall Hunter and a diminished role. Gore has shutdown any sign of these possibilities this season.

Frank Gore and the 49ers run wild against the Seahawks

Marshawn Lynch gave a nice stat line of 100 yards against the stacked defense of the 49ers and ran with a purpose. Overshadowed by a loss and a monstrous game by Gore, Lynch's ability of breaking tackles was put on full display. In this game, two of the greatest running backs of their time showed up and played their heart out.

Missed opportunities continue to dog the Hawks

The Seahawks cannot afford to make mistakes on offense. They don't have an Aaron Rodgers, Larry Fitzgerald, Tom Brady or Drew Brees to bail them out of such horrendous faults. The Seahawks had dropped 6 balls all season, until this game, making them the leaders in the NFL in this category. This is probably due to the fact that Russell Wilson doesn't throw much. Nonetheless, when he does throw and is on target with a pass, the receivers NEED to make the catch.

That drop by Golden Tate to get a first down was a pitch and catch pass, meaning that any professional NFL wideout MUST make that catch. The season moving along and the Seahawks still do not have a clear depth chart for their wideouts. Sidney Rice is the most consistent and imposing WR and is, from game to game, evolving into the clear number one. Should Golden Tate be at the number two spot? Or should it be Baldwin or Edwards? My opinion, Braylon Edwards has the confidence and physicality that embodies a number two wideout.

Questions to answers

Who will be the more significant running back, Beast Mode or Gore?

Both running backs made huge impacts, but Gore was equipped with a veteran QB that has been on the same team his entire career. With that sort of passing attack and a stacked receiving core, more holes were open to the All-Pro RB Gore.

Who will show more veteran and leadership qualities, Smith or Wilson?

Smith has talented wideouts and they make catches when it counts. Wilson was running around playing alone.

Will the Seahawks take advantage of the opportunity to dethrone the current NFC West Champions in their hometown?