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Seattle Seahawks vs. New England Patriots: Best Defense vs. Best Offense

The Seahawks face the best offense in the league, the New England Patriots. The Patriots are the most consistent team of the past decade with an unmatched, fast-paced and no-huddle passing offense. In order for the Seahawks to beat the Patriots, their defense needs to keep up with signal caller Tom Brady. With the most explosive inside seven in the league that shutdown Cam Newton last week and the largest secondary in the NFL, this will be more competitive than most experts think. The Seahawks defense is an example of what the professional level is going to look like in the future, a well-designed, fast and compact front seven combined with tall aggressive defensive backs. This is going to be a bullying by this hybrid Seahawks defensive line and a statement game to put the rest of the league on notice that the NFC West is a force to be reckoned with.And with the 12th Man as rocket fuel for the Seahawks defense, rack up another win against a high-profile team.

Pete Carroll is fired up on the sidelines against the Carolina Panthers

Don't turn the ball over and maintain composure!!!

The Seahawks offense doesn't need to do much for them to win games and when they are on the field, it looks as though they are playing a game against themselves. This is the case that occurs mostly with the situation that they are in. A young rookie QB, an unsteady and undisciplined offensive line and no wide receiver stepping up to become the true Seahawks number one wideout. It will take some time for them to mesh and run the no-huddle as good as the Patriots do. But, when it happens, Wilson will take this team to the top and I don't mean just the NFC West Crown.

Questions to be answered against the Patriots...

How will Marshawn Lynch do against one of the best running defenses in the NFL?

Will the offensive line stay composed?

Russell Wilson has such an incredible competitive spirit and he is the perfect QB for Pete Carroll's offense. Will the Seahawks offense mesh this week? And if they do, it would just be a beautiful thing to watch. A great defense combined with an exciting and explosive offense would have the 12th Man absolutely shaking Seattle.