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Fantasy Football Waiver Wire Advice Week 6 Special: A horde of Running Backs

I want you for Fantasy Football Advice, Analysis, Start/Sit, Depth Chart and Waiver Wire Unfortunately for some players in the NFL, injuries are getting more and more abundant as the weeks go by. For Fantasy Football players, opportunity to grab a potentially starting player at a depleted position arises. I'll try to tailor this list to 8-16 team leagues, but I usually apply pickups mostly to 16 team leagues. Below are these and deeper league potentials...

Running Backs

Alex Green, Packers: News of Cedric Benson probably being out for 8 weeks and possibly for the season allows for one of two RBs to step up. James Starks is patient and explosive runner with veteran credentials among teammates. But, the Packers are a passing team and Green is the better RB when catching the ball out of the backfield. Count on Green to get the most snaps and the more probable choice for success.

William Powell, Cardinals: The injuries to both Ryan Williams and Beanie Wells essentially for the entire season (Wells coming back in Week 12) will allow for both Larod Stephens-Howling and Powell to get the majority of the carries this season. Powell is the better choice due to the fact that Stephens-Howling cannot handle the load that Powell can. The Cardinals drafted the 207lbs. RB to be an every-down back and that is why he will get the majority of the snaps for the remainder of the season. I don't want to make comparisons, but he reminds me a lot of a retired RB with the first name Priest for KC.

Rashard Mendenhall, Steelers: Running backs don't usually come back from knee injuries to full form. Mendenhall proved that theory wrong last week. He is quick and plays tough through the whistle. He is a must for 8-16 team leagues.

David Wilson, Giants: Wilson is the ideal RB for Coughlin's offense. A hard-nosed, speedy and reliable RB that can catch the ball. Bradshaw, unfortunately, gets injured more than often.

Other decent pickup RBs: Kendall Hunter 49ers, Pierre Thomas Saints and Jahvid Best Lions, Ronnie Hillman Broncos

Wide Receivers

Sidney Rice and Golden Tate, Seahawks: Russell Wilson has taken scrutiny over Matt Flynn possibly taking over. He proved that he is willing to take risks and Rice and Tate are his two favorite targets.

Austin Pettis, Rams: Amendola is going to be out for about 6 weeks. Most receivers think that Chris Givens is a better pickup as he will be taking over slot duties for the injured WR. I will go with Pettis to get all of the fade routes in the end zone.

T.Y. Hilton, Colts: The rookie to rookie tandem with Andrew Luck and Hilton is coming together quite nicely. Hilton will live up to his high draft sacrifice and turn on the jets for the rest of the season.

Jeremy Kerley, Jets: He's all that the Jets have at wideout. This is the case, until T.O. joins the team.

Robert Meachem, Chargers: It could have been a fluke against his former team and he could of known all of the coverages and weaknesses of the Saints. Nonetheless, he proved that he still has the speed to be a danger to all defensive backs.


Possible bye week replacements: Brandon Weeden Browns, Christian Ponder Vikings, Ryan Tannehill Dolphins

Tight Ends

Possible bye week replacements: Jared Cook Jr. Titans, Heath Miller Steelers, Jermain Gresham Bengals, 


Possible bye week replacements: St.Louis Rams, San Diego Chargers