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Seattle's defense wins key game against Panther's Cam Newton

The Seahawks shutdown the Carolina Panthers explosive offense in impressive fashion. Cam Newton was never steady in the pocket and when he tried to escape, the linebackers and defensive ends did a marvelous job in keeping outside contain and spying the 6'5" 260lbs. Panthers QB. Bobby Wagner had the most load in QB spying the fast Newton and went stride for stride, making sure-tackles all Sunday afternoon.

Seahawks defense puts ball on ground

The battle on the outside and Brandon Browner gets Player of the Game

Seahawks star CB Richard Sherman and veteran wideout Steve Smith were literally cage fighting all game. Smith even had a couple of double leg takedowns and a Whizzer. There were personal foul and offensive pass interference calls that should have been made on Smith, but I think it was fair to let the two players battle it out.

Brandon Browner is making a case for a second Pro Bowl year, manufacturing plays that kept the Seahawks in the game. There was the fumble force and recovery on Panthers RB DeAngelo Williams that allowed Russell Wilson and Seahawks Offense to drive down the field and score. He caused another fumble on RB Jonathan Stewart that got ripped back behind the first down marker and forced the Panthers to punt. Then, Browner played like an OLB (outside linebacker) and made a hit on the goal line that stopped a touchdown. This game has solidified Browner as the first hybrid CB/LB in NFL history and at the top of professional rankings of NFL CBs.

Breno Giacomini taken out of game due to aggressive play

The Seahawks continue to self-destruct with stupid penalties. Offensive tackle Giacomini pushed coach Carroll over the edge and was taken out of the game due to two costly personal foul penalties. Seahawks LT Russell Okung continued his campaign to be the most flagged offensive lineman in the league.

Answers to questions in previous blog against Panthers...

Can Russell Wilson rebound after the messy loss against the St. Louis Rams?

Wilson was accurate, composed and, with that, definitely solidified himself as the Seahawks starting QB. He never backed down or hung his head low and continued to progress forward.

Who will rush for more yards and touchdowns, Wilson or Newton? Who will be under more pressure and take more sacks?

Wilson's heart, composure and mental toughness outplayed Newton's physical attributes. Newton rushed for more yards, but was a complete mess after the game. The Seahawks defense stomped out Newton swiftly and consistently. There is no equal defense in the NFL and the NFC West will now be known as a defensive powerhouse, with strong defensive showings by the 49ers, Cardinals and Rams.

The NFC West is extremely competitive right now and this game seems to me like a must-win. Will the Seahawks stay in the race for the NFC West crown and put on a dominant performance?

A statement win was delivered from the Seahawks defense and QB that shut up the critics.