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Seahawks lose important divisional game to Rams in St. Louis with a score of 13-19

An NFL rookie had a rookie day against a revamped St. Louis Rams defense

Russell Wilson threw 3 interceptions and was practically shutdown when he tried to escape the crumbling pocket. I shouldn't be surprised but, in this case, I surely am. I guess I forgot that Wilson is still a rookie that is breaking the barrier that experts suggest short quarterbacks cannot be successful in the NFL. ESPN will undoubtedly sink the Seahawks nearly to the bottom of the league in their power rankings, but the 12th Man sees the potential that this team has, including the terrorizing environment that opponents step in when facing the Seahawks at home. The loss was a combination of poor offensive line protection and absolutely no wide receiver stepping up as the clear number one. Quarterbacks are usually the players scrutinized in most losses and I am more than likely to put the blame for poor QB play on the O-line. Wilson, in this case as a rookie QB, I give a majority of the blame for the loss.

Beast Mode ate his Skittles Sunday morning
Marshawn Lynch had his skittles for breakfast.

Marshawn Lynch had another impressive day running for 118 yards on 20 carries including 37 yards on 4 catches. I know that the Seahawks were trying to make something happen through the air with Russell Wilson, but 20 carries is just not enough for such a great runner in Lynch. I was going insane watching Lynch not carry the ball when it was obvious he was continuously taking it strong to the Rams. I did think it was important for Wilson to build confidence throughout the game and Carroll kept that rolling. But, when a player shows consistent success, I would expect the head coach to keep feeding him. Coach Carroll is a long way from his college coaching years with the USC Trojans and he should know that the NFL is not only a whole different speed, but the adaptability of coaches and players is much greater. They adapted to Wilson and shut him down. They adapted to Lynch and still couldn't stop him. In a game like this, 30-35 carries would have been more appropriate.

Answers to questions asked in previous blog against Rams...

Which Seahawks receiver will establish himself as the true number one?


The Seahawks are known for scoring on interceptions. How many points will they get from their defense?

They got zero points from their defense. They were stout against the run and incredible in keeping Bradford uncomfortable in the pocket.

Who will have the more productive day, Marshawn Lynch or Steven Jackson?

Lynch was twice as effective as Jackson, but the Seahawks still couldn't pull out the win.