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NFL Blogging analysis and news for the Seattle Seahawks Statistics, Players, and 12th Man

Seahawks Draft 2013... Dynamic Duo at it Again! Pete Carroll and John Schneider don't sway from strategy.

Pete Carroll, the 12th Man stands behind you.

What a great last few days for football fans and fantasy nuts it has been. And from what I observe as a confident yet slightly curved eyebrow raise to the Seahawks front office's first draft pick. Here are the the new additions to an already potent Seattle team, poised for playoff contention for the 2013-2014 NFL season...

Round 2, RB Christine Michael. Grade: W-T-F?.

Round 3, DT Jordan Hill. Grade: B+, Versatile big man that calls for 2-3 blockers attention.

Round 4, WR Chris Harper. Grade: A-, Physicality and imposing athleticism with gifted and keen ball location. Hands-team starter.

Round 5, DT Jesse Williams. Grade: A-, Huge pickup for a big loss in Alan Branch. Get's nasty and expands in the pit to fill gaps.

Round 5, CB Tharold Simon. Grade: D+, Don't know where he will play other than special teams or backup safety maybe.

Round 5, TE Luke Willson. Grade: ?.

Round 6, RB Spencer Ware. Grade: B, Can't ever be without too many running backs most of the time. This is a time where the Seahawks have treated drafting RBs like shopping at Costco.

Round 7, OG Ryan Seymour. Grade: B, A young blocker with the body of work to backup at LG and RG.

Round 7, OLB/DE Ty Powell. Grade: A, I really love this pick. Powell is a 6'2" (249) lbs. of explosive pass rush that can move go into a four-point stance and take on tackles off the edge to seal it SHUT. A decent (4.64) 40-yard dash and a whopping (28) reps of (225) lbs., Powell has the linebacker nastiness that will work tremendous under the tutelage of Bobby Wagner and KJ Wright.

Round 7, OG Jared Smith. Grade: B.

Round 7, OT Michael Bowie. Grade: B+, Prototypical NFL tackle that can fill much needed depth on the Seahawks O-Line.

In Schneider and Carroll we trust...

No matter what, I have full faith in what the Seahawks front office has done. They have not swayed in their strategy and approach to drafting the best available players on the board at their time in the round. Drafting by need can stir emotions in the war room and essentially fail the team altogether, like what the Jones and Cowboys did. Carroll and Schneider stuck with their proven method (eg. Richard Sherman, Bobby Wagner, Kam Chancellor, etc.) and have struck draft gold and free agent diamonds. Ohhhh, sorry 12th Man, I forgot the Seahawks 2013 1st Round Selection.

Round 1, WR Percy Harvin. Grade A+, Proven NFL stud with after-the-catch playmaking ability and breakaway speed that is unheard of. He has down-your-throat acceleration off the line and can make defensive backs shake in their boots. Vision and wit that provide the Seahawks special teams with a lightning bolt of a returner. Leon Washington... who's that???

A hardnosed young Seahawks team fought back valiantly, but succumbed to the prime seasoned Falcons team

Russell Wilson and Pete Carroll will come back next season hungrier and stronger than ever. Such a great and bright future for a young Seahawks team.

Russell Wilson and Pete Carroll will come back next season hungrier and stronger than ever. Such a great and bright future for a young Seahawks team.

Shutout in the first half of their playoff bout against the Atlanta Falcons, a strong-willed Russell Wilson-led Seattle Seahawks team came storming back, scoring a total of 28 off of turnovers and inconsistent play of the opposing offense. Put in the lead by a Marshawn Lynch (2) yard run and an extra point by newly acquired Ryan Longwell, Wilson has stepped in the history books with the most passing yards in Seahawks postseason (379).

Matt Bryant had the opportunity to win the game from (49) yards away. And he completely capitalized on it. Making it right down the middle, with a failed ice by Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll. The Seahawks fought valiantly, this time is just meant for the Atlanta Falcons right now. This is their prime and will never be better, while the Seahawks are young and primed to come back next season.

This game was literally handed to the Falcons, with rare bad defense shown by the lethargic timezone ridiculed Seahawks team. The Seahawks had an opportunity with a failed squib kick by the Falcons. With (3) seconds left, after one completion to Golden Tate. After that, an intercepted Hail Mary pass ended the playoff run by a hungry and hot Seahawks team.

Russell Wilson clearly outplayed Matt Ryan, it was the surprise resurgence of bulldozing Falcons running back Michael Turner (98) rushing yards that gave them the edge as an offense. Zach Miller (142) yards and (1) TD on (3) catches had the game of his career and Lynch (46) yards added (1) rushing TD to the Seahawks stunning comeback that fell short.

A teary eyed Tony Gonzalez removed the continuous feeling of getting bludgeoned in the stomach that I get when the Seahawks lose, as he finally won his first playoff game. A Hall of Famer, proven receiving threat and the greatest NFL TE of all time, deserving doesn't give this special moment its justice. Congratulations to the Atlanta Falcons and Gonzalez!

Seahawks future outlook...

The Seahawks look incredibly promising and have gained a diamond with Russell WIlson at the QB helm. A very young team and hungry ball-hawking defensive unit that will come into next season as the projected top squad in the NFL.

The offensive needs that the Seahawks have are...

Change of pace running back. Lynch and Turbin are too similar in running styles, so this upcoming draft should be a platform where the Seahawks GM of the Year can grab gems. A possible trade with Matt Flynn? For a Chris Johnson type RB?

The defensive needs that the Seahawks have are...

The defense is the best in the league and the youngest at what they are accomplishing at such a high level. Leroy Hill has been a solid player, but has had less and less of an impact as a run-stopper as he gets to his twilight age. For the draft, the Seahawks should also look to get a big 6'3" 275 lbs run stopping outside linebacker. The speed is already there with Wagner and Wright bolstering the Seahawks front seven. They need that strong side OLB willing to blow up offensive linemen and shoot gaps to take on double teams. Leroy Hill is just not the right fit right now.

This was a great season to be a Seahawks fan. A great season of memories and more to come. This team is so very exciting and the 12th Man should be proud how their team fought and the very bright future to come. Draft blogs and Seahawks off season needs is how this blog might go. Starting my own website would be the more ideal, if I am not carried on as a SportsBlog beat writer for the Seahawks anymore. Anyways, Seahawks, thank you for your heart and fighting spirit!

Seahawks and Falcons Soaring towards a collision in the sky

It's time for Marshawn Lynch to place himself as fear into the hearts of, not just the Atlanta Falcons, but the rest of the teams still in the hunt for the Super Bowl.

It's time for Marshawn Lynch to place himself as fear into the hearts of, not just the Atlanta Falcons, but the rest of the teams still in the hunt for the Super Bowl.

The Seahawks have exceeded expectations for the average Hawks fan. Now, with odds against them all season long, they travel across the country to battle a team that was labeled as unbeatable midway through the regular season. The Seahawks, along with their newly updated read-option offense, have not only taken that title from their fellow NFC contenders, but have a young crushing momentum to reach the Super Bowl.

Russell Wilson will answer the call

The call of accepting his own greatness as an NFL quarterback and his perfection in preparation. This game against the Falcons will put Wilson in the category of an elite nature alongside Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers and Peyton Manning. Well, I guess it's fair to say that he is already in the midst of elite company, having beat two out of the three future Hall of Famers in his rookie season.

Marshawn Lynch will go Beast Mode all over Atlanta's beautiful turf

The play of these two quarterbacks will definitely distinguish these two offenses. The keys to victory lie solely in (3)rd down conversion percentage, time of possession and the effectiveness to run the ball. This means that Lynch and Turbin better be prepared for a day of serious brutalizing work punishing the Atlanta inside seven with the mindset of a fireball. The play of Giacomini and Okung, I am expecting, is going to be hard-nosed. The game will be won on who wins the battle in the pit.

Questions to be answered against the Falcons...

  • Will Russell Wilson outplay the prototypical QB Matt Ryan?
  • Marshawn Lynch will get 30+ carries on my strong assumption of how Pete Carroll will take it to the Falcons. Will Lynch take advantage of these touches?
  • Will Eastern time create a lag that slows down and fatigues the Seahawks early in the morning?